Survival Prepping for Normal People

If I had to recommend one YouTube Channel to my fellow Preppers and Survivalists it would have to be hands down without a doubt Kyle’s channel “Survival Prepping for Normal People”. Kyle offers the most informative information and insight on survivalists and prepping that I have ever seen. His video’s are to the point, with no Bullshit and absolutely no Fear Mongering or Fear Porn of any type.

He releases around 1 to 2 videos a day, and has been doing so for at least a couple of months now. So Kyle has at least 400 videos on his channel, each one includes valuable knowledge and insight on a range of topics that affect Survivalist and Preppers in many ways. I love watching his videos, I am a subscriber and I also joined him on Patreon and donate to watch his exclusive content. I highly recommend his Channel to ALL my readers!

The channel link is here:

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Also Kyle’s Patreon page is here:

Where you can join for as little as $1.00 a month up to $7.00 a month, But I like his content so much I give a lot more for his efforts.

Kyle….Thank You!

What have you done today to get ready for SHTF?