Survival – Preparedness – Urban Prepping Consulting

Urban Evasion, Inc. offers a variety of Preparedness Consulting services to individuals, Families, Groups and religious organizations.

Not sure where to start? Having trouble finding answers to your urban prepping questions? We are here to help. We offer one on one consulting via phone, email and web services. We can answer a few questions or offer a complete step by step family survival plan.

We offer a variety of programs catered to Hurricane preparedness, Tornadoes, Floods, Civil Unrest, Fall of the dollar, Economic Collapse, Terrorism, and more!

  • Food Reserve -Creation, Storage and Selection
  • Water Storage – Storage Methods, Purification Methods
  • Bug Out Bags – Creation, Selection and Use
  • Survival Location- selection and building
  • Defenses – Firearms- Selection, Firearms Safety, Firearm storage
  • First Aid and Medical – Equipment and Techniques
  • Bugging In
  • Bugging Out
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • And More!

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