Every Day Carry Wallet

Wallet EDC�

Im always talking about layering equipment. This way your not reliant on one set of gear. If your primary set up becomes lost, stolen or you are searched and vital E&E tools are taken, then having backups become essentual. Wallet sized products may just be a sales gimmick, but� theyve now been around a while are becoming better quality and designed to suit far more applications.�

I started with a new product from Maxpedition. A Sparton wallet a more streamlined version to the original pug design. Lots on nice hidey hole type slides behind the credit card loop enclosures. Ive fitted this out with one of the original Microtech assailant credit card knives for a defensive option. Another new product on the market from Toologic is the Survival Credit Card Tool. A well thought out piece of gear. It becomes a mini survival kit in itself. Items Listed below. The last product is made by Toool. A break out wafer lock pick set to be used as a back up to my Bagota pick set located in my primary E&E belt kit.�

Maxpedition Spartan Wallet


Tool Logic Survival Credit Card


*Serrated Blade�
(high carbon stainless steel)�
* Magnesium Alloy Firestarter (replaceable)�
* Loud Signal Whistle�
* Tweezer and Toothpick

* Lanyard Hole�
plus your choice of:�
* Compass and 8X Power Lens (SVC1) or�
* Brilliant Red LED Flashlight (SVC2)�

Microtech Assailant


Backup Pick Set


The break out pickset is in an easy to carry card form. Every part of the card is a pick tool, with 6 picks and 5 tension wrenches once you break on the scored marks.

The 6 picks included in the set are:

  • Long Hook
  • Short Hook
  • Half Snowman
  • Long Rake
  • Snake
  • Half Diamond

The tension wrenches feature both serrated and non serrated variety, and come in several different sizes.�