Preppers Investment Strategy pre SHTF

Ok. Preppers are you looking to double or triple your investment to purchase more preps? There is a secret to doing this that you not learn anywhere else. I will tell you this here!

So your bank gives .25% apy. Which equates to basically pennies on the dollar.

The bond market is negative so short term bonds pay more tgan long term bonds.

Cryto currency is BS. Enough said. Period.

The US dollar is a Fiat currency. Basically fake.

Gold and Silver. Go for it. Invest all your money into it….and see how far that gets you.

So do you want to make between 100% and 200% on your investment? Do you want to know the real secret…Hold on here it comes.

Ammo! Ammunition. Rounds, bullets, etc. Whatever you want to call it. Ammo is the investment strategy here. Purchase as much ammo as you can afford and sell it right before the 2020 election.

I guarantee you will double if not triple your money!

It doesn’t matter whether its .223, 9mm, .45acp, .22lr or 12 gauge.

Ammo always go way way up right before an election. So save your pennies, purchase as much ammo as you can. Than sell it right before the election. Profit greatly. And buy more preps.



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