Getting Ready for 2020. SHTF?

Getting ready for 2020. SHTF?

I try not to write really long articles. I try to keep them short and sweet and get to the point. Here are a couple questions for you:

 Do you have food to feed yourself and your family?

Do you have water storage and means of water purification for you and your family?

 Do you have a means of cooking said food if your power goes out for a long while?

Whatever your plan is do you have it do you have a shelter with that be your house in apartment about your location anything do you have a shelter for you and your family.

 Last, but not least do you have a means of security? Security is just as important as the rest of the items listed above do you have firearms and ammo to secure you and your family?

 Do you have the training to use those firearms?

 Do you have the mentality to protect your family for whatever may happen in the near or distant future?

I believe big things are happening now, please do not take this as fear mongering or fear porn. I think shit is going down. If you take a look at the current political climate in the country. Whereas the country is nearly divided 50-50 right down the middle. When you hear talks about a second Civil War in America. When you hear talks of socialism coming to America with over 50% of millennials and generation Y supporting and wanting socialism in America. Then you hear about the escalating war and conflict spots throughout the world with what’s going on in Venezuela, with what’s going on in France and the yellow vest, with what’s going on with China and Russia and hacking and news of Facebook and Instagram going down possibly at the hands of the Chinese with the Russians also involved.

There is a lot going on and it’s only getting worse by the day and for some funny reason my spider senses are tingling.  I believe 2020 is going to be one heck of a year. I’m not saying 2020 is the new millennial bug. I’m also not saying 2020 is the end of the world like in 2012 with the Mayan calendar. I’m not saying the event is going to happen or SHTF is happening in 2020. I am just saying that the current environment we are in is getting more and more hostile. That’s not even talking about food prices going up at a rate higher than normal inflation. The stock market having a wild ride with everybody trying to sell you silver instead of gold or crypto currency because it’s safer than the US dollar? There is nothing safer than the US dollar, not gold, not silver, not crypto currency. If the US dollar is worthless everything is worthless because everything is backed by the US dollar it’s just common sense even though it is just a Fiat currency.

I think now more than ever in our history is the best time to prepare. Get your food stocks ready. Get your water stocks ready. Get your water procurement ready. Get your cooking methods ready. Get your family and personal security ready. Find your Bug Out Location now!  Whether you want a bug in or bug out have your plans ready now because it’s only going to get worse.  If nothing happens between now and 2020 or 2021 or January 1, 2021, when the new president, whomever that maybe is inaugurated into office. What do you have to lose by preparing now? So what if you have more food, more water and more security and a plan set? Who cares if you never use it? This is my biggest quarrel with people when I talk to them about survivalist and prepping. Who cares if you never use it? Most people have life-insurance are they hoping to die to use the life insurance? No! So why not have food water shelter and security insurance?  

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