The Quintessential Super Survival Food

What is the Quintessential Super Survival Food you may ask? The food that has more Calories per serving than anything else? The smallest and best bang for your buck? Well without a doubt the best survival food in the world you can buy is…..Olive Oil. Olive Oil is 100% Fat and contains 120 calories per Tablespoon! That is 1920 Calories per Cup. That is a super survival food. Did you ever consider adding Olive Oil to your preps?

All kidding aside,now am I telling you to go out and buy a 55 gallon drum of Olive Oil for your family to survive off of? No. Of course not. What I am saying is I would like you to think about your preps for you and your families survival and consider all the options available to you when it comes to your families long term survival.

Now lets look at it this way….”What if” each member of your Prepper group received 1 cup of rice as their food ration? What if you mixed in one tablespoon of Olive oil with each cup of cooked rice? How about also adding a dash of salt and pepper to each cup of rice? Do you see where we are going here? You can add a great deal of sustenance with very little effort, if you plan accordingly.

So the moral of this story is to planning accordingly on a budget is not that difficult. Yes, you can put back 60 pounds of dried rice for each member of your prepper group. But you can also put back very basic low cost provisions too. These include but are not limited to Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Olive Oil, Dried Turmeric, Honey, Multi Vitamins, Etc. As with anything good planning before SHTF goes a long way after SHTF.

What have you done today to get ready for SHTF?



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