Professional Survivalists/ Professional Preppers

I am writing this quick note to both warn and inform my readers. There are NO Prepper/Survivalists professionals out there. There is not a Prepper PHD program! Everything you read on prepping/survivalists is an opinion. That opinion may or may not be an educated guess, a hypothesis. Whether that opinion is based on experience is up to you to decide. In other words, please take all prepper/survivalists advice and prepping knowledge with a grain of salt.

What am I getting at here? No living person in the United States of America has any experience with bugging out or a real SHTF experience. I say this because SHTF has NOT happened in the good ole USA.

So everyone’s experience and knowledge is solely based on opinion. Even mine. Be careful what advice you take as you and your families life just may depend on that advice you took.

What did you do today to prepare for SHTF?


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