The Urban Survival Homestead

The Urban Survival Homestead � Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the country anyone with a house, an apartment or even a mobile home can have an urban survival homestead. My lot is in the middle of the city on just under a � acre lot.

So why do I want to make my house (or Apartment, Condo, Mobile Home, Etc) into a Survival homestead and not have a dedicated survival retreat in the woods on 5 acres with a freshwater well, 15 year food supply, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, defensive bunkers, solar power system, backup generators and more? Because I, like many people, don’t have the financial resources for all that great stuff. So I will be surviving in place where I currently live and can afford.

So what goes into building a survival homestead? It’s pretty easy to figure out. Take everything that you do and use everyday and figure out how you can do the same within reason if you broke all ties to the outside world.

So lets look at what we need to comfortable survive some rough circumstances or a SHTF event.

#1 Food � Food storage is a great idea, canned foods, vacuum packed foods and more are available. But I also want to look into more long term sustainability such as Survival Gardening, Raising my own Meat Rabbits, Raising Chickens for eggs, and raising Quail for meat and eggs.

#2 Water � Everyone needs to drink, So we will look into different, low-cost methods of water storage, collection and purification. Also we need a system of pumping water from one point to another.

#3 Shelter � My house is my shelter and always will be, But we need to look into ways of making it into a survival homestead. This may include reinforcing the structure and/or modifying it to suit my families needs in a long term situation.

#4 Ability to cook � Right now I have a natural gas stove, a propane grill and a good old electric microwave, but how will my family prepare our food if a long term SHTF event occurs? I can store about 3-4 months worth of propane for the grill but what can I do for the long term?

#5 Ability to wash � So the water department is no longer? How can we shower and bath, brush our teeth and clean our cloths? We will look into water storage and pumping systems, as well as purification.

#6 Waste Disposal � The toilets work great now and the Garbage man comes twice a week. But what if that stops? We are going to look into ways of waste disposal on a � acre urban lot.

#7 Environmental Comfort � My house, in South Florida has a great Air Conditioner. The AC takes a ton of electricity to run. So we have to figure alternative ways of cooling the house, because a solar power system that will run the AC is way too expensive to consider, Generators are great but the gas runs out eventually.

#8 Entertainment � Video games, Movies, toys, etc. How can we keep ourselves and children entertained if we have months or even years of staying in the house?

#9 Some type of electricity- While it is absolutely possible to go without electricity, who really wants to? We are going to look at Alternative Energy solutions that are low cost including small solar power systems, small battery banks, and wind turbine generators.

In the series of articles to follow, I will show you how I am creating my Urban Survival Homestead. This will include the survival garden, raising quail for meat and eggs, raising chickens for eggs, earth worm composting, raising rabbits for meat, as well as water storage and collection, alternative energy solutions on a budget and more.

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Thanks, Brent