Survival knife Choices Introduction PT 1

Everyone seems to have the impression that a survival knife has to be a large Bowie style blade. Not the easiest knife to try and skin a rabbit with, but a large knife can do things a small knife can�t, but not the other way around, particularly for the use of shelter building. Blade steels, essentially there�s Spring Steel vs. Tool Steel vs. High End Super Steels. The Spring steels are tougher and more ductile, where as tool steels have more wear resistance and hardness being mainly used more for custom made blades. 1095/1080 spring steels are the most commonly used for survival style production blades. The high end super steels, well you�d be hard pressed to ever break one in your life time. The advantages of spring steels are that they are a production blade being cheaper but you may be able to sharpen them on a river rock if caught without a sharpening device. Steels made from D2, 3V, INFI etc. you will need a diamond sharpener to put a good edge on the blade. I have cheap $50 blades right up to high end $1000 dollar knives. Some production and others custom made that I�ve waited months for and been made to my exact specifications. Some have been great and others have been crap, it all comes down to a decent heat treatment, no matter what the steel used. There are several ways of looking at survival knives. One; the best knife is the one you have on you at the time. Two; carrying one blade that does it all is a myth. It�s taken me over 10 years to find such a blade that comes very close to that knife. Three; if carrying one large blade, then attach a smaller parasite blade to the sheath to have more control over smaller jobs. Four; carry multiple blades, Small, medium and large knives to cover varying situations. One philosophy is to buy many cheap and nasty knives and just replace them as they break. You can buy knives worth $20 dollars each by the dozen and still not cost the price of one good custom blade that will last a life time. I prefer a knife I can trust not to break, whether that�s a cheap knife or an expensive model. When looking for survival knives and not interested in custom made or steels and high prices etc. Then you can�t go wrong with either the Kabar/Beckers or the Esee brands. They have a model to suit every use. Over the next few posts I�ll be showing blades differing in steels and sizes and explaining their uses from, fighting, general purpose, all-rounder�s, Nessmuk trio�s, chopping and bush craft Doubles, etc.