Urban Operations

Urban Operations. UO are operations planned and conducted in an area of operations (AO) that includes one or more urban areas. An urban area consists of a topographical complex where man-made construction or high population density is the dominant feature. UO usually occur when�

  • ��������������������� The assigned objective lays within an urban area and cannot be bypassed.
  • ��������������������� The urban area is key (or decisive) in setting and or shaping the conditions for current or future operations.
  • ��������������������� An urban area is between two natural obstacles and cannot be bypassed.
  • ��������������������� The urban area is in the path of a general advance and cannot be surrounded or bypassed.
  • ��������������������� Political or humanitarian concerns require the control of an urban area or necessitate operations within it.
  • ��������������������� Defending from urban areas supports a more effective overall defense or cannot be avoided.
  • ��������������������� Occupation, seizure, and control of the urban area will deny the threat control of the urban area and the ability to impose its influence on both friendly military forces and the local civilian population. Therefore, friendly forces can retain the initiative and dictate the conditions for future operations.