Urban Escape and Evasion- Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is a term rarely though of in survival or escape and evasion. Once only used by the military, it is slowly becoming an everyday term in the survival word. Situational Awareness broken down to its simplest understanding is just that Awareness of your Situation. Here we will discuss how we can use it in everyday urban evasion.�

� Many become a victim of both incident and circumstances from the lack of situational awareness. They don�t observe what is happening around them, they don�t understands what is going on and they don�t know how to deal with the situation or deal with the outcome.

The techniques used in Situational Awareness must be applied to your everyday life. The simple fact of knowing who is sitting next to you in the Restaurant or where the emergency exit is often overlooked in everyday life for most individuals. These overlooked facts will lessen your chances of becoming a victim of the circumstances.

Who is a threat in this room?

Where are the exits?

How far away am I from my Bug Out Bag?

How far can I run in this weather?

How many rounds do I have left?

We could go on for pages and pages, with more questions on every environmental scenario from work to play.

Knowing the facts of the environment and situation you are in, all the time will greatly increase your chances of survival. Be aware of your situation.