The Rule of 3


Many people ask what survival supplies to stock for an emergency.� Preparations for disasters and threats can be minimal or immense.� You get to decide.� No one can tell you what to stock but yourself.� Make your own list or modify this one.� Make your own decisions.� Are you going elk hunting for two weeks?� Are you going rafting for four hours?� Is the El Nino hurricane season coming?� Are you going to watch the millennium New Years Eve party from Idaho or New York�s Central Park?

A good way to prepare for future emergencies is to list the threats and the corresponding solutions.� The RULE OF 3 categorizes threats by the time they can greatly effect you.� With this kind of thinking in place, you will respond to threats in the correct sequence.� THE RULE OF 3 is often summarized that you can die from:� blood loss in 3 seconds, air loss in 3 minutes, heat loss in 3 hours, water loss in 3 days, food loss in 3 weeks, shelter loss in 3 months and health loss in 3 years.

3 SECONDS Major arterial blood loss, gun shot, knife wound, being crushed, a fall, other accidents.
3 MINUTES Suffocation, drowning, avalanche, heart attack, cave in, gas poisoning, serious blood loss.
3 HOURS Hypothermia from cold, wind and rain.� Heat stroke from sun, desert, exhaustion and drought.
3 DAYS Die of thirst, some water born diseases, food poisoning, snakes, severe infection, tick paralysis.
3 WEEKS Starvation, bad water, general infection, strong radiation.
3 MONTHS Starvation, disease, loss of shelter, general health deterioration, weak radiation.
3 YEARS Poor diet, vitamin deficiency, lack of exercise, despair, chronic illness

In the same order of need, list the items in your survival kit under the five headings:� SURVIVAL, HEAT, WATER, FOOD, SHELTER & HEALTH.� Refer to THE RULE OF 3 to determine what equipment is needed in each category.� We often are asked how much equipment or food to store.� We don�t know your resources.� We always recommend asking yourself �HOW LONG DO I WANT TO SURVIVE ?�

Survival situations can evolve at the home or away.� Many fear being driven from their home by weather, toxic spills, fire, riots or worse.� The context of this document is to prepare for emergencies at home but have a plan for evacuation.� In other words, prepare your home to be self sufficient but have several backup locations to go to.� Plan for a panic while you are at work.� Locate the rest of the family.Stick to the plan.