Immediate Action Plan


An immediate action plan is a 6 step system designed to help you stop fear from turning into panic and to give you a method of remaining in control during a confrontation situation.

MORE importantly the ‘IAP’ is a 6 step plan to keep you ALIVE in a violent street confrontation.

The IAP uses the word escape to anchor each point of the plan into your mind, remember the object of self defence is to escape intact, so use the ESCAPE Immediate Action Plan to escape and remain safe.

E EARLY DETECTION of a possible threat, if you have done our awareness development program you should to be able to do this.

S STEP BACK: if you don’t remember anything else, always remember to step back out of punching, kicking and most importantly, edged weapon (knife, screw driver, bottle etc) range.

C COMMUNICATE: Try and talk to the attacker, distract him/her, if they are talking they are not hitting, kicking or stabbing, whilst you talk continue running the rest of this plan.

A ACCESS: Continually access the situation, look for means of escape, look for help, look for weapons or barriers if you have to, keep observing the attacker, check for weapons, back up, continually access the situation.

P PREPARE: prepare yourself to either engage or escape, if you have martial art training you should be considering options of attack and defence, you should be in a stance that gives you the best chance of success.

E ENGAGE OR ESCAPE: the moment of truth time, whatever you do now, commit yourself.

To recap,