Escape and Evasion Kit – SIGINT

�Communications and signals intelligence is a key factor for escape and evasion. Signals intelligence increases your situational awareness and �keeps you in the loop�.

SIGINT can easily be obtained with a Radio Frequency Scanner, also commonly referred to as a Police Scanner. An operative or survivalist invoking a bug out plan can utilize a scanner in every aspect of the operation.

� Key intelligence is broadcasted over the air waves every second of the day. One can receive weather reports for the area of operation; intercept news communications from a remotely stationed news van reporting back to the newsroom. Local police communications can also be intercepted with a properly equipped trunk-tracking scanner. Police communications will indicate where the disaster or incident has occurred, what units are stationed where, where the roadblocks are, what units are participating in the search and where they are located, and where refugees will be herded. Such intelligence will give key indications of what areas in the city to avoid.

�Radio Frequency Scanners are available with a wide variety of features from a long list of manufacturer�s. One of the easiest to use, trunk tracking, and multi-channel, fast scan brands is good old Radio Shack manufactured by GRE. The PRO series handheld units are very well suited for Escape and Evasion Kit use. These models include the Pro 92, 93, 95,96,99 and so on. Although they are not as fully featured as the high end Ham loved Alnico�s and AOR (which stands for Authority On Radio). They give a lot of bang for their buck. Also price wise they are more �disposable� then the high end models, i.e. confiscated, jettison for weight, lost, stolen, waterlogged.

�My Every Day Carry Escape and Evasion Kit carries a Radio Shack (GRE) Pro-97 Scanning Receiver. This is a radio shack catalog #20-527. I purchased from ebay for the total price of $89.00. With a little search one can find them on the Internet for under $100.00. Although it is larger than my Alinco DJ-X3, it fits in standard Military Issue Radio Holsters, including both ALICE and MOLLE. The PRO 97 has 1000 channels in 10 banks and is Triple Trunk Tracking. The frequency receiving range is 25-54, 108-174, 216.0025-512, 806-823.9875,849-868.9875,894-960 and 1240-1300 Mhz with a scan rate of 60cps. This allows the interception of most police radios, EMT units, Fire departments, AIR, CB, Most Ham Bands, FRS, GMRS. One of the most used features of this particular scanner is the Signal Stalker II. One push of a button allows the instant interception of a nearby signal. This allows on to gather instant intelligence when a transmitter is sighted from a hide or while on the run.

�Whether one picks a Radio Shack Pro Series is strictly up to your personal needs and area of operation. Regardless of the brand a properly equipped Urban Escape and Evasion kit must include a radio frequency receiver.