Escape and Evasion Kit- Part 1 The Bag

The bag is critical in that it keeps all the kit together. The bag must be functional, as well as heavy duty, while still looking like an Urban Kit.

�This is where color takes a large role. Under absolutely no circumstances should you choose an Urban Escape and Evasion Kit bag that is camouflaged. Regardless of the pattern, you will stick out like a sore thumb in the city. If obeying this rule, you should opt out of most military surplus stores, being that a neutral color must be chosen. The color must be able to show the operator as a �Gray Man� leading to anonymity. Neutral �Urban Operation� colors include Gray, Black, Khaki and Brown. Try to stay away from olive greens, as it once again leads to a militarized look. Now that the color of the bag has been established, we will move on to functionality.

�Functionality establishes the use of the bag. Multiple outside pockets of various sizes will hold items that require on the spot use without digging such as handguns, extra magazines, and the flashlight and pick set. The small outside pockets should have some form of flap or cover to hide from prying eyes. You don�t want your handgun and flashlight hanging out while walking down the street.

�The primary interior compartments will hold the large items and items that will not be used �On the spot�. Including food rations, spare clothes, bino�s and electronic gear. A bag suitable for such can come from any supplier; it does not have to be ordered from specialty tactical gear shops. While being less tactically orientated this will give the bag a more urban look to fit in your area of operations. The commercially purchased bag will need some minor modifications to make it operational. These include reinforcing stress points, adding wider straps and adding a hard plastic bottom liner.

�A couple good examples of such commercial bags are the laptop bags sold for college students, Roller suitcase type �Mobile Offices� and soft sided padded briefcases. As an Operator you must remember that you are trying to blend into your surroundings.