Sanitation: Post SHTF

Sanitation Post SHTF (Before #&*! Hits the Floor)

When I first starting looking at alternative options for a sanitation system, in case the grid went down. I thought of buying a composting toilet. This was primarily for a bus that Im rebuilding. At close to two grand for a small model seemed way out of my price range. Ive had to use chemical porta-potty’s in the past and absolutely dispise having to empty them. They also need cleaning every few days. A composting version may only need emptying every few months. Depending on use. For short term use I brought a Reliance Luggable Loo, essentually a bucket with a toilet seat for a lid which requires the following to operate. Which is not really a sustainable longer term option.�
Supplies for Emergency Sanitation Toilet�
Plastic or metal 5 gallon bucket.�
5 gallon bucket snap on toilet seat lid.�
Heavy duty plastic trash bags large enough to line the 5 gallon bucket with room to spare.�
50# Bag of powdered, chlorinated lime. This product is also referred to as calcium Hypochlorite or Bleaching Powder and can be found at pool supply stores.�
Borax found at your local grocery store.�
Spoon with long handle.�
Toilet Paper�

Tips on Using Your Emergency Sanitation Toilet�
Line your 5 gallon bucket with heavy duty plastic bags.Never let your bucket get more than half full before disposing of waste.After each use of the toilet, use the spoon with long handle to scoop about a tablespoon of powdered, chlorinated lime on the waste. This helps to break down the waste.After each use of the toilet, use the spoon with long handle to scoop about a tablespoon of borax on the waste. This helps to reduce odors.When you need to dispose of the waste, find a location at least 48′ from any dwelling, water supply, animals, and garden. Dig a hole at least 18 inches deep and at least 48′ downstream or away from any water source (Dogs can smell through dirt up to 16 inches and they will dig up human waste) Place the bag full of waste in the hold and bury. Mark the site for future removal if it becomes necessary.�

Items to store in the bucket:�
5 Gallon Bucket w/ Snap-on Toilet Seat Lid�
2 rolls Toilet Paper�
1 Disinfectant Wipes 35 ct (for cleaning)�
1 pkg Wet Wipes 90 ct�
2 pr Latex Gloves�
1 Hand Sanitizer�
12 Bio-Blue Deodorizing Packets�
6 Double Doodie Plus w/ Gel Toilet Bags�

I then discovered the Humanure Handbook and lovable Loo’s. Simple construction and they only require the use of saw dust to break down waste. Cant get much easier than that, for emergency use and will look quite good in my bus. Simply cover waste with a layer of saw dust and when the bucket is filled to the correct height, cover with a lid and exchange buckets for later composting�

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