Ive just purcashed one of the new RAT knives, (RC-5 SERE) from Urban Conquest here in OZ. Very good prices for the local knife comunity. I havent been a big RAT fan. Ive owned the Izula for a parasite blade and the RTAK before, but cut the 10.25 inch blade to an eight incher and lost too much of the leverage for chopping. Probably would have worked, if made from 1/4 inch stock. Its now makes a fine camp knife. Ive mainly been put off their larger blades by being made of 3/16th, preferring 1/4 inch stock.

So when the SERE was released, I jumped at a good price to try one out. I wont write out a complete review, only make a few observations. The links below have done a much better job of it, than I could. On the blade it actually says ESEE which stands for Escela Supervivencia Escape Evasion and not SERE which is distracting some people. The sabre grind, which once again Im not a fan of is done very well. I dont like large flats on the sides of blades, most sabres are very low for maximum strength but tend to stick when battoning or chopping. The RC-5 has a nice high sabre which hasnt effected battoning at all for me and acts more like a scandi grind.

The leg tie down strap isnt intended for that purpose but to actually tie the sheath to webbing to reduce noise when on military patrol. The bow drill divet balances in a nice position and is one of the hardest items to come across or produce in the wilderness when attempting to make a fire bow kit. The feel of the grip in the hand is also superb. Its made of 1095 steel, which once again not a fan prefering higher end steels but it makes sense for a survival knife to be made of 1095. For one it should have a high enough carbon content to strike against flint to produce sparks and secondly can be sharpened on suitable stream rocks. Something I wouldnt like to try with the higher end stainless steels. Its well designed and worth checking one out and definately a keeper for me.





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