How to Stay Lost Amendments

How to Stay Lost Amendments

Section 1 What I’ll be discussing in this how-to essay

He’s right in saying who the article isnt written for. Avoidance involving criminal activity isnt really covered but geared that way in some chapters. “You will be caught”. You can be on the run for a certain amount of time but DNA has a tendancy to catch up with people. The sections go into several different topics that dont really apply to the target audience. If you havent commited a crime then removal of finger prints isnt really neccessary. If you have committed a crime then the article doesnt go far enough into removing DNA, fingerprints can also be found on paper towelling used to smudge prints. Acetone is needed to fully remove prints and bleach mist to remove DNA, let alone removing every ounce of body hair. As just one strand with a root stem is enough left behind for a trace to begin a profile.�

Domestic violence is covered briefly. From my experiences, if your reading this to dissapppear from spousal abuse dont bother. If your not willing to just pack your bags and walk out after the first time of being hit then you wont go as far as many of the suggestions in the following chapters. Ive known too many people that have been in these situations, both men and women. It is the cycle of phycology that needs to be broken first. The first time I saw a female friend with a black eye, I put her boyfriends face into a side of a bar. She went straight back to him feeling sorry for him and spent the next few years going through assaults and not placing police charges. Ive had to remove a boyfriend from a pub for beating his girlfriend in the middle of the dance floor. He was removed without a punch from him or us, but the female was placed on three assault charges for trying to glass us for attacking her boyfriend. The cycle needs to be broken or they will keep becoming involved with the same type of people through their relationships until finally being beaten enough that they end up in hospital and it becomes a police matter and social workers are brought in.One good point. Dont involve the children. Place them in foster care, or they’ll just grow up being taught the same cycle. Whether that is to be a victim or the abuser.�

If yourve been reading this to change your identity because life sucks, then I suggest growing some balls and changing your life. It will take more work to become someone else than it will to change the old you.�

Section 2 Understand who or what you’re hiding from

Understanding who your running from. Once again, if a federal agency the only way is to leave the country and depart for another with no extradition treaty with your own. This requires cash and lots of it. Federal agencies have more resources than state. Facial recognition at every airport etc. State is easier, but it only takes one speeding ticket to see if warrants have been issued or one mistake. Criminals are creatures of habit. If a crime, that was spur of the moment, then the inability to cover your tracks is going to make it even easier to find you when all of a sudden you disapper by becoimg primary suspect. I think the article is mainly written for people just wanting a break from society. In which case I dont understand why its neccessary to destroy a vehicle. The author has tryed to cover too many bases where he may have been better off writing three different articles. If simply wanting to disappear for a time then burning a car will draw more attention to yourself. When the vehicle if found but you are not, then its probable that a suspicion will be formulated that you have become a victim of crime and listed as a missing person. �

If wanting to slow down a spouces pursuit then, phycologically if spending the last few years accepting abuse its highly unlikely to trash that persons vehicle out of fear of retribution. If wanting to slow down a vehicle then there are much easier ways of doing it than those mentioned. A screw driver through the welsh plugs or radiator. To fix welsh plugs requires the manifolds to be removed or if able to reach the rear plug then the engine needs to be removed and gear box dropped. Unattaching the electrical system so the alternator wont charge the battery if timing is wanted as theyll travel only so far before not being able to restart the engine without jumper cables. Simply removing the rotor from the distributer cap or adjusting the sequence of leeds from the spark plugs will put the order in which the cylinders fire out of place. If a diesel try filling the fuel tank with unleaded petrol. Stay away from revenge manuals with ideas of filling batteries with petrol etc. You will end up being placed under criminal charges yourself. I know of one person that tried placing golf balls into a trucks fuel tank, because of a dislike for the boss. The outer core is meant to gradually be melted by the petroleum, leaving rubber strands throught he engine. Pitty about fuel filters and cctv at the fuel depot. Firearms. If in an abusive relationship, I doubt that the other party will ever allow you access to a firearm. Let alone being able to remove it.�

Section 3 Throw away yourself and build a new you

Good points here but trying to reopen bank accounts without 100 points of ID now is very hard. Can be done, but Im not going to go into how to do it. Once again lending itself to an article written for criminal activity. Abandoning a car, just leave it in a parking lot with the window down and the keys in it. Better off selling it for the cash to finance leaving.�

Section 4 Keep from depositing traces of yourself

Once again this seems more written for the criminal element, good habits to get into but written before DNA testing.�

Section 5 Keeping yourself hidden

Once again for the criminal element. If satellites are being used to track you, then major funding is being used and your a terrorist, otherwise it costs more than a small nation to turn one into a search device for a bank robber. Helicopters, this was once again written before thermal imaging. Dont know where he came up with the information about dogs? Try grabbing my staffy by the neck, he’ll just get off on it until he gets pissed off and there goes your forearm. Running from ground forces, good information.�

Section 6 People and Organizations Which Can Assist You

Yeah, try going to bikers for help now a days? Theyre watched more than you will be. Stick to soup kitchens and try woofers. Willing workers on organic farms. You can work for several days to pay for meals and board and travel from one registered woofer farm to another. Same goes for section 7 �

Section 7 Employment: Food, Shelter While on the Run, While Underground

Employment. Everywhere now requires a tax file number or large businesses wont employ cash wokers in case of being sued if injured. This is the down fall of dissapearing, cash is always needed or the ability to find people willing to pay cash jobs is an art in itself most of the time. Trying woofers once again. Have the skills behind you to work in several different areas. Do a few night courses in hosptality, welding, horticulture etc. Fruit picking can be followed all year. See links below�

Section 8: Checkpoints on America’s Highways — People Looking for you

CCTV is on every highway, and public transport now. The police use a different UHF system now that cant be listened to by scanners in some states. Sticking to back roads, good idea.�

Section 9: Summary

If you want to start a new life you’ll need more information than is supplied here.�

Section 10: Special note to Earth Liberation and Animal Liberation groups

I wont even bother here. Ive once again known too many people involved in these organisations. One day they were bragging about breaking into a chicken farm and releasing all the hens. Im a conservationist but not a greeny. When I pointed out that the chickens had never walked more than a few feet in their lives if that, had no idea what preditors were, had their beaks clipped to only pick up large grains and were incapable of feeding themselves free range and that most would be dead by the time the week end had finished. I had no time for these people after that. It never occured to them to get a job and all put their cash together to buy the chicken farm and release the hens into a rehad facility. That would be too hard. Just kill them in the name of being right. Dogooders are more dangerous than nazism. They have their own web sites for the activities they are involved with. Some with good information others with lets see who can be a raving loony first?Reality isnt a high prioity.There are better ways of going about things. Common sense and logic have little to do with mandates of dogooders. If you read the Green Party policies they read as if taken from “Mien Kampf”.�

Section 11: Deserts as a Place to Hide / Squatting

A few good ideas here about squatting. Dont bother about deserts in oz. Not enough small towns to get supplies from and not enough water. If in a desert here youll need a good supply of water and thatll be the easiest way of finding you and small towns are farer apart. Better to be around many small towns to purchase supplies at a different store each time. Good thoughts about squatting on public lands and setting up semi permanent accomodation.�

Section 12: Fright Hopping — Riding the Rails

Wouldnt even try it in this country, better to just buy a ticket. By doing anything illegal youll draw more attention to yourself faster than anything else�

Section 13: Dropping off the Grid: Peace Corps, Others

Farm work and voluteer work? Farm work, yes. Still one of the few places to find cash work and have accomodation thrown in and never have to go to a town.�

Section 14: Montana Supreme Court Notes Ability to Track Everyone

If on public land or once that container has been emptied into the trash truck its anybodies.�

Section 15: Hanging Out in the Mojave Desert — How It Was Done

Interesting video to watch, will need to go to original link to view it. I checked out the youtube site and found over 600 vids. You can make up your own mind on that one.�

Section 16: Some good comments offered by readers

Getting better, worth the read.�

Section 17: Public Camps and National Forest Squatting

Lots of camping spots in books available from 4WD sites that do not require payment. Camping on public lands, depending on local goverment restrictions can mean. Being able to stay for a few days to being told to move on within minutes of being located by inspectors.�

Section 18: Internet Research Before You Disappear

Erase all internet searches and servers. Nothings easier now a days to search your entire life through your computer. Get off face book etc.These are a great source for stalkers and wackjobs.�

How I’d do it.

If not a fugitive and being actively searched for its actually pretty easy to go off grid. The main problems are accomodation, transport and employment. Gain the skills to find work in several different industries. Try farms, pubs and woofers. Erasing ID wont get you far but placing the rego of a vehicle under someone elses name is a smart move. All you really need to do to dissappear off the grid at a state level is to have no utilities under your name. No gas, electrcity, phone or vehicles. Try subletting from another renter. Buy a small VW combi for travelling, placed under someone elses name and have no bills other than petrol and pay rego yearly this also helps with accomodation. No need for backpacking with a tent or having to try and find hotel rooms in inclement weather. Squatting in camping areas or carparks overnight and move the van during the day and to different car parks during the week so your not noticed. The only way of really tracking someone under these circumstances is through either a medicare card for health rebates if becoming ill or bank account details if listed as a missing person.�

I subletted for several years and was so far off the grid I had trouble getting a new bank account. I had a warrant for a minor traffic infringement, involving towing another vehicle which ended up being unregistered. The court sheriffs office tried all previous adresses that were listed due to previously owning firearms at those times. The new renters called me to inform me of the warrant. I repeatedly contacted the local police and courts informing them that I was working three jobs and wasnt at home much and gave them the new address, which they didnt believe. I even offered to pick up the warrant from either the local police station or to let them know where I was at a certain time of day. All of which was not in their way of serving paperwork. I later turned up at the court and explained the situation to the clerk who relayed that I had turned up volunterily and was given a 2 day suspension of licence for pleading guilty and handing my self in even though a second offense. The first being a mix up in a change of address.�

I later lived in a bus for three years. A double decker that stood out like dogs balls. Better with something that didnt draw so much attention. It was never registered in my name and only moved every 6 months for a change of scenery or closer to work opportunites from transfers. I used trade plates for transporting it and never had it registered for the three years. The girl I lived with for a year then wanted to take me for half of what I owned. I just said take me to court. She didnt have the money for a lawyer and when she did pay for one found out that my car was financed to the bank for a personal loan and belonged to them and the bus wasnt officially ever in my name. I had never had the rental sites in her name and no way of ever proving she had lived with me.�

When I later left work after a back injury. Workcover that is local government workcover, which is like work cover was 30 years ago kept harrassing me. No utilites or address and I ended up throwing the mobile phone at a wall which took all their power. I used up 6 months of RDO’s rostered days off that I had accrued and only returned their calls from work until finally leaving. The funniest part is when they threatened me with survielance. I asked if they ever bothered to read my resume. When they asked why. They were informed that I used to do surveilance for their bosses and the payout doubled after 3 hours. I took it before I burned down the depot. Theres only so much BS I could have taken at the time. Too much pain, too many meds and being told I probably wouldnt be walking by the time I was 40 was enough. Point is they couldnt find me by living in a van park with nothing in my name. I will never live in a van park again. Theyre usually filled with either wackjobs or the owners are minor dictators.�

Good to visit for using amenities such as showers, but Id prefer to use a solar shower and not even pay or associate with a van park and have solar panels on the roof for power uses. Long range fuel tanks to avoid as many towns as possible, solar for power, small gas tanks for cooking and just stay in parking bays with hundred thousand dollar views or scrub blocks away from tourist destinations. I have skills to work with heavy vehicles, horticulture, welding, mechanics, hospitality(barwork), cleaning, building, other than security but would probably stick to fruit picking and enjoy travelling the seasons and doing pruning after the picking has finished. Then use WWOOFERS in between. Better cash opportunities that dont go through bank transactions.�