Home Invasion

Home-defense is pretty important. After all, you probably spend a lot of time at home. Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to make your home, a safer home. We will also look at natural weapons that you can use, and probably already have scattered around your home.
When you buy a home or first move into a rental property, be sure to change the locks on all the external doors and do so as soon as possible. You should also consider putting deadlocks on your external doors, and windows.�

If you don’t have them already, install and USE locks on your windows. If you like to leave a window open at night, or when you go out, consider having a GOOD security fly-screen installed. They can be a good idea and will bring peace of mind.

The only problem with GOOD security screens is that you can’t escape through that window if your home catches on fire, or you hear someone breaking in through another part of your home.

A cheaper alternative to locks on your sliding windows is to get and cut a piece of round dowel/wood to fit in the sliding track of each sliding window. You can cut them four-inches (100mm) short, so that the window can be opened, but not climbed through from outside.

To play it safe, you should keep the doors and windows in your home locked day and night, whether you are home or out.

Natural weapons in your home
Every room in you home should have some kind of natural weapon in it. You should consciously position items in ALL the rooms in your home to use for self or home defense.If you have an uninvited guest, the idea is to do something to him that will slow him down long enough for you to escape and get help. The first thing you should do is put a pen in every room. They make great weapons!

The second thing you should do is go into every room and come up with a way to get out of THAT room via a window – FAST!

Will you need to break a window or will it open quickly? Can you dive through it or must you climb through it? Where will you go once you are out? Think. This is important!

If you can get out, you will not need any natural weapons. But have them in place, as back up.

Your kitchen is full of weapons, everything from knives to spices. Leave spices like chili out on a bench or table. Salt is a good one, and spray cans like fly spray and oven cleaner should be within easy reach.
Lounge room
Your lounge room probably has a lamp on a small table. Both of these items can be used. The TV remote control, or a CD case could be used to strike the throat. Good solid ornaments, that we all have out on display, can be used.
Hair spray, shower cleaner sprays and powders. Some kind of beach-feel display with dry sand. Sand can make a great stand-in for fly or hair spry.
Yes, even here. It’s actually a pretty safe place to go if you can’t get out, because you can jamb the door shut by sitting on the floor with your back against the door and your feet against the toilet. If someone manages to get in, you could spray them in the eyes with air freshener. With the toilet cleaning brush, you could eye gouge, strike to the throat or temple.
Your bedroom probably has a clock of some sort. It can be used as a weapon and so can its power cord. You may have a glass of water next to your bed that you could hold by its bottom and strike at an intruders face, eyes, temple, and throat. If you are going to put security screens on your windows, be sure to have one installed in your bedroom.
The laundry door is an easy way for someone to get into your home, if you have a window next to it. Someone can easily break the window, then reach in and open a standard door lock. If you have got a window next to the laundry door, install a dead lock and don’t leave the key in the lock. Keep your iron in your laundry. They make good weapons, because they are solid, have a grip-able handle and a dangerous, pointy, top end. A hot iron is even better.
Become invisible
Close the blinds on your windows at night. A burglar will look in at what you have got for the taking window-shopping. A person planning a home invasion will be able to better plan his attack. The less information you give people on what’s going on in your home, the better.

You should also think about an escape plan to use if you have an intruder or fire.

Remember that windows are made of glass and glass can be broken. The broken window can then be used to escape through.

Can you walk around your home in the dark no lights on? If you can’t, you should learn how. If you wake up in the middle of the night, hear a noise and then see a torch light in another room, for example, you can sneak out if you know your way in the dark.

Count how many steps it takes to get from your bedroom to external doors. Learn to quietly feel/know your way around. If you go to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink, or go to the toilet, practise walking in the dark.

As you have learned, there are some simple ways to improve your self or home defense. Make sure all your external door locks are working and only you have the keys for them. Know what natural weapons are in each room and how to use them. Learn to get around your home in the dark, and plan ways to get out fast!