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The Urban Survival Homestead PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent   
Monday, 04 May 2015 22:12

The Urban Survival Homestead – Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the country anyone with a house, an apartment or even a mobile home can have an urban survival homestead. My lot is in the middle of the city on just under a ¼ acre lot.


So why do I want to make my house (or Apartment, Condo, Mobile Home, Etc) into a Survival homestead and not have a dedicated survival retreat in the woods on 5 acres with a freshwater well, 15 year food supply, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, defensive bunkers, solar power system, backup generators and more? Because I, like many people, don't have the financial resources for all that great stuff. So I will be surviving in place where I currently live and can afford.


So what goes into building a survival homestead? It's pretty easy to figure out. Take everything that you do and use everyday and figure out how you can do the same within reason if you broke all ties to the outside world.


So lets look at what we need to comfortable survive some rough circumstances or a SHTF event.


#1 Food – Food storage is a great idea, canned foods, vacuum packed foods and more are available. But I also want to look into more long term sustainability such as Survival Gardening, Raising my own Meat Rabbits, Raising Chickens for eggs, and raising Quail for meat and eggs.


#2 Water – Everyone needs to drink, So we will look into different, low-cost methods of water storage, collection and purification. Also we need a system of pumping water from one point to another.


#3 Shelter – My house is my shelter and always will be, But we need to look into ways of making it into a survival homestead. This may include reinforcing the structure and/or modifying it to suit my families needs in a long term situation.


#4 Ability to cook – Right now I have a natural gas stove, a propane grill and a good old electric microwave, but how will my family prepare our food if a long term SHTF event occurs? I can store about 3-4 months worth of propane for the grill but what can I do for the long term?


#5 Ability to wash – So the water department is no longer? How can we shower and bath, brush our teeth and clean our cloths? We will look into water storage and pumping systems, as well as purification.


#6 Waste Disposal – The toilets work great now and the Garbage man comes twice a week. But what if that stops? We are going to look into ways of waste disposal on a ¼ acre urban lot.


#7 Environmental Comfort – My house, in South Florida has a great Air Conditioner. The AC takes a ton of electricity to run. So we have to figure alternative ways of cooling the house, because a solar power system that will run the AC is way too expensive to consider, Generators are great but the gas runs out eventually.


#8 Entertainment – Video games, Movies, toys, etc. How can we keep ourselves and children entertained if we have months or even years of staying in the house?


#9 Some type of electricity- While it is absolutely possible to go without electricity, who really wants to? We are going to look at Alternative Energy solutions that are low cost including small solar power systems, small battery banks, and wind turbine generators.


In the series of articles to follow, I will show you how I am creating my Urban Survival Homestead. This will include the survival garden, raising quail for meat and eggs, raising chickens for eggs, earth worm composting, raising rabbits for meat, as well as water storage and collection, alternative energy solutions on a budget and more.

Questions or Comments Email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks, Brent

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UrbanEvasion.com New Look PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent   
Monday, 04 May 2015 22:05

UrbanEvasion.com – The Online Magazine for Preppers, Survival Homesteading, Food Storage, Water Storage, Urban Survival Retreats.


Welcome to the new look of Urban Evasion.com, The online magazine for preppers, a new family friendly website focused on surviving some of the toughest events possible. Focusing on the everyday, average family, our solutions will be based on average incomes and low budget do it yourself urban survival homesteading, or in other words survival in place, as most of us, me included, can not afford a dedicated remote survival retreat or “heading for the hills” as they use to say.


Survival writing of a long nature will go in a category, while quick notes will go in the blog section. Please bookmark us and check back often because new articles will be added daily.


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Home Preps test PDF Print E-mail
Written by Budda   
Sunday, 11 April 2010 20:51
Three Day Home Bug In Prep Test After reading "Emergency" by Neil Strauss, I really wanted to try a three day home bug in test, mentioned in one of the last chapters. Im pretty confident that I could do three days standing on my head. Ive got half a dozen MRE's from kits, can crap in a bin if neccessary. The garbos will pick it up the next week? Cooking on my trangia is easy enough. Ive lived out the back of vehicles and done it harder, when a teenager. Im getting older now and wanted to try something a little different. That is a two week test and do it in comfort. From talking to friends, also wanted to include something no one else has tried. That is have a mate join in with family, meaning children. That may prove to be more difficult talking someone into experimenting with their kids. Will have to see how that one goes. Ive made a few observations of my short falls when it comes to a "BUG IN". My preps have always been geared towards bugging out in a bus and taking everything with me. In a SHTF senario, the feral area in which I live would burn to the ground as soon as the locals realized their drugs werent available. What can I say, cheap rent lets me afford preps. The other problem with bugging out by vehicle would be the grid locks and bottle necks from everyone trying to leave at once. Id rather stay for two weeks and leave at my own pace, if possible. Going by the 3 is 2 is 1 rule mentioned in Ferfals book, I wanted to improve my home with this in mind to cover myself. One example is spending $50 on a wind up lantern that could also be charged by 240 volt mains. I had it tucked away forgetting about it and when it came to needing it for possible summer power overloads, found it wouldnt accept a charge. Its still good to run off a vehicle cigarette lighter but nothing else until I find a replacement battery. I have a lot of gear but found short falls if wanting to live comfortably, without the necessity of having to leave. WATER; I have enough drinking water to last 2 months for myself and three pets. This would not include showering and flushing the toilet. Something I didnt consider if wanting to stay. Ive placed a deposit on a small water tank. Not that Id drink off the roof here, being too close to industrial areas but the water can be used as a grey water system for things like watering the garden and washing dishes. Storage of more drinking water would also be another issue. I have several large plastic containers, I think that hold around 20 to 30 litres in each. I want to double that amount to have atleast 8 available. This size is easy to manouver without a sack truck and store in shelving. Ive also purchaed a Katydan drip filter, that is capable of filtering 150,000 litres. I watched a three day test on youtube (below in links) and found the amount of energy required just to make water portable, meaning boiled for drinking use was astronomical. Id rather let the filter do the work for me rather than use up fuels and the amount of energy needed in tending fires. This also lets people know what your doing and if you have food or heating, another security concern. SANITATION; Using water to flush a toilet is a waste of resources, there would also be no power in terms of gas or electricty to run a hot water system for showers. Ive built a saw dust toilet mentioned in a previous article on SHTF Sanitation. Ive also purchased a Sea to Summit solar shower for bathing, giving approx an 8 minute shower. Im seroius enough to do this properly that Im actually building a small 3.4 metre x 2.3 metre pagola at the front of my home between the front door and the work shed as a bathing area and growing vines up over the fence for privacy. Another item to bulk purchase is hand sanitizer, when water is seriously limited. I have enough TP on hand to currently last 2 months. FOOD STORAGE; The general rules are to use whats in the freezer first, then the fridge, followed by tinned food then the long term MRE's. Once again I wanted to go a little further than that and live comfortably. An old boss told me of a system he uses at his shack which involves an old broken fridge with a set of vents built into the top and bottom and covered with fly wire. This allows a slower temperature change, by letting in cold air from the base and hot air out through top. This lets him keep fresh vegetables for a month, without the use of power. I scored an old 140 litre tuckerbox top opening freezer which Im modifying into a cold storage device based on his design. By using a 2 inch hole drill and placing pvc pipe elbows through the holes to form S bends reducing light from penetrating. You can just place fly wire over the openings with cable ties or hose clamps but I decided on using 2 inch end caps and drilling small holes to provide the air entry and exit. This prevents bugs and rodents from eating their way in. The other other means of food storage I have in a 60 litre Engel frige/freezer. I have solar panels going onto the roof of my bus but wanted a portable version for the fridge to use at home. This will be attache to the roof of my shed to face north and recive maximum day light with out catching shadows from the neighbours trees. This may also cause security concerns being viewed from the street. Running a generator will have the same effect. The small 2KVA Honda I have makes very little noise but may still attract attention with little background noise from lack of traffic in a real senario. This would just be run intermidantly to top up batteries. POWER; As mentioned above I am paying off a solar panel for the fridge but already own a genny. Fuel storage quantity needs to be upgraded for running a genny for weeks at a time instead of three days. This is one of the main reasons I built the workshop. To store 3 jerry cans of diesel for the car and another three for the genny. I want to find out exactly how much fuel it will comsume and if Ive made enough allowances for factory recomendations. LIGHTING; I have torches coming out of my AR*E, so to speak but not enough for long term use. I want a few more wind up lanterns, but this time sticking with wind up only so the battery lasts longer and not reliant on that initial charge, supplied with better quality lithium batteries. These have no memoery for long term storage. I have boxes and boxes of candles, these last forever unlike fuels, but I still need to top up my citronella oil for fuel lantern use. Safer than kero to store and doubles in keeping bugs away. One of the most basic items Ive neglected are a head torch for hands free use. I finally found two models I like and have been placed on my short term procurement list. Better quality batteries for long term storage Im also trying to hunt down at better prices. Rechargeables turned out to be a thorough dissapointment. VARIETY; No internet or news can drive you a little bonkers in the first few days, when not used to it. Then after that its bordom when you get a routine in place to fill in time. Books, a genny to run a dvd player for kids. Solar/hand crank radio is next on my list, not just for entertainment but also news. I dont have much room for a garden being in the burbs so am adapting to using hanging pots from the outside rafters. This will be a good project to do while on the test. COOKING; Is one area I havent scrimped and have always used the 3 is 2 is 1 rule. Id still like more metholated spirits stored away for a backup if needing to use the trangia. The BBQ has two 9 kilo bottles that usually last me 3 months of continual use each. These need to be checked and filled if neccessary. I also have a small stainless two burner stove that was going into my bus. This is now being reattached to my BBQ for outside cooking with pots for added variety of meals. Ive brought my first butane single burner companion brand cooker for use in the bus and am buying a second with bulk purchases of fuel canisters. These are great for carrying around, lets face it whether gas or butane within two weeks in a real crisis there wont be either to scrounge other than what you already have stored. I caught up with some tree loppers cutting trees out in the reserve behind my home and scored two truck loads of fire wood for a slab of beer. This is enough to last me 6 months. I have a small chiminea but want to try another product called an ozpig stove made from large gas cylinders. Its movable for use in conjunction with my bus at a later stage and can be used in parks that have closed fires regulations. I also have a webber charcoal BBQ for roasts. Ive found the bricquettes and fire lighters work better if after opening the bags are then stored in sealed containers if not using again for long periods to avoid moisture. LOCAL FOOD PROCUREMENT; In the city this means fish from the local streams, rabbits in the creek banks and also pigeon. Im modifying a sling shot to use arrows for rabbits and using another for pigeons. An air rifle would be great but carrying around a rifle pre post SHTF for a test situation will bring down more heeadaches than needed to explain. Set lines and nets can be left overnight for the local fish aswell as traps for yabby's(fresh water crayfish).   LINKS Youtube Old Friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPYwmHiseXQ&feature=PlayList&p=C80FA5EEA90CF688&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=1 3 Day Home Test http://www.youtube.com/user/envirosponsible#p/u/12/Vx4wZyG6AVI            
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